The Honeys – Gone Away / Monster

Simplicity in music is a wonderful thing. Pop music these days is so textured, tortured, and techno-coated that you need a pickaxe to chip away the gloss before you can find any merit or meaning. The beauty that can be made with a great song and a tiny bit of restraint is often hard to ignore and equally harder to find.

A lot of these bands I’ve written about, and will continue to write about, never gave up their day jobs. Making music wasn’t a career-move, they just did it. Knowing that the odds were against them being able to make a few bucks out of it was never an issue. The Honeys came from Perth, so there was no kidding no-one about the potential for success there.

“Gone Away/Monster” was released on the dependable Waterfront Records label in some limited edition or other in 1989. While the single was still getting regular airplay on Sydney radio, the band called it a day and that was that. This 7″ and the one preceding (“The Man Who Was Through With the World”) showed a band beginning to hit their stride. “Gone Away” is the real diamond here. From the maudlin violin at the intro to Andrea Croft’s defiant cry of “hold on, they say life goes on,” every single second is sublime.

The flipside, “Monster,” is a curious creature. The dark, questioning lyrics play a neat counterpoint to the upbeat nature of the music. It’s almost cheerful if you don”t pay attention to what is being sung. There’s something about the vocal-accompanying harmonica here, that further lulls you into a sense of security, until Andrea quits the jealous “am I the monster of love?” questioning with the realisation — “I’m a beast!”.