Sleeper Debut Video For New Single “Look At You Now”


Sleeper have shared the video for the first single to be taken from their forthcoming album, The Modern Age. In “Look at You Now” the band have chosen to forgo the standard mimed performance, instead offering up a timely 50’s and 60’s inspired protest video.

Describing the track and inspiration behind its video, the band said: “It’s a song about feeling disenfranchised. Politics, on every side, is pushing to the extremes, ideas we thought we’d left behind in the 20th century.

“When we were putting together the artwork for our new album we got really into film footage from the 1950s and 60s: political rallies, crap B movies, and public information films.… Read the rest

All Aboard – Juliana Hatfield On The “Lost Ship”

Juliana Hatfield

Surprising all with the glowing reception (except for us Australians who knew it would be soar) for Juliana Hatfield Sings Olivia Newton-John, a full album of Olivia Newton-John covers, the ever restless Hatfield follows that up in 2019 with Weird, a new self-produced album of 11 original songs.

“I often feel cut-off from other people, from my feelings, from technology, from popular culture. I feel weird, I feel like I’m dreaming my life and that I am going to wake up some day,” Hatfield explains. “I wanted to make an album about the contentment of being inside an apartment and living inside a very small radius.” Weird encompasses both the negative and positive sides of radical solitude, the disconnection and the “desire to keep a barrier between me and other people who are trying to get inside of me.”

Weird is released on January 18 through American Laundromat Recordings.… Read the rest

Mattiel Waves ‘Bye Bye’ Ahead Of European Tour

To get you ready for her imminent UK shows and European tour, Mattiel takes the bluesy stomp of ‘Bye Bye’ to the desert for a runaround (and rollerskate-around) in this fun video taken from her self-titled debut album, soon to be released in the UK via Heavenly. 

Talking about the track and video Mattiel said:

“The song Bye Bye was written within the span of about half an hour, so we actually spent more time on the video than the song itself. The video is an arrangement of footage shot by Troy Stains and Jason Travis on two different days at Mirage Lake outside of LA.… Read the rest

Purs – She Comes Around (Live at the Social)

Bottom of the bill on a Valentine’s Day gig where only the desperate and dateless are paying attention is not the best way to make an impression. Yet here we are, totally in thrall of Purs. With only a cassette release late last year for the track “Girl in Love” to their name, the band are still box fresh but they come with a handful of songs that run the gamut from the “Psychotic Reaction” riffing “She Comes Around” to the Dandy Warhols indebted “Girl in Love”. You know that feeling when you find a new favourite band? This is what it sounds like.… Read the rest

Evans The Death – Cable Street Blues (Live at the Windmill)

After a six month hiatus that followed the release of their third album Vanilla, perennial underdogs of the folding Fortuna Pop! label, Evans The Death, made a welcome return to the stage at the Windmill in Brixton. With the line-up seemingly expanded to a stage-swelling six-piece with Porridge Radio’s Georgina Statt on keys, the band still tread a fine line between mess and magnificence, the latter displayed on this spirited version of Vanilla’s “Cable Street Blues”. Somebody throw these guys a life jacket full of money and another record label to call home. Life wouldn’t be the same without them.… Read the rest