Luke Haines – Dingwalls, London – October 12, 2017

Luke Haines - Dingwalls

Luke Haines
Dingwalls. London
October 12, 2017

With a newly released multi-disc compilation assembling the more pertinent cuts from the ever-expanding Luke Haines solo songbook, this evening is neither an attempt to promote it, nor will it be as straightforward as playing the songs people know and/or want to hear. To do either would change course on a career that has shown no interest in making anyone happy, fan, critic and record company alike.

Sitting down with his acoustic guitar he looks like a man who went to the shops to buy a loaf of bread and ended up in Camden to sing a bunch of songs that in its own way, chart a potted history from the early days of The Auteurs through Baader Meinhoff and a couple of songs you’d only ever have heard if you were a patron to his Outsider Music series.… Read the rest

Luke Haines – Hoxton Pony, London

Luke Haines - Hoxton Pony, London

Luke Haines
Hoxton Pony, London
January 19, 2011

This was to be the debut and sole performance of Outsider Music, a self-released album that Haines recorded last September and sold for a princely sum of £75 a pop. An artistic experiment and a gamble of sorts, it was an undeniable success for Haines, the old adage about fools and their money standing true — all 50 recordings of Outsider Music disappearing quicker than anticipated. With each volume a unique item on its own, buyers have been reticent on sharing and as of yet, no copies have surfaced. So Haines – 1, Rich Fans – 1, Poor Fans – go eat a shit sandwich.… Read the rest

Luke Haines – Bad Vibes

Luke Haines - Bad Vibes

“The Forgotten Man of Britpop”.

As ludicrous a tag to hang on anyone, Luke Haines must be shaking in embarrassment for even allowing the suggestion to be made. One would think the Forgotten Man of Britpop would prefer to remain un-named and un-shamed, seeing that it’s a period in English music history that was akin to a gold rush minus the gold, guitars swung like pickaxes, searching for the elusive vein. What Haines has to do with any of this is beyond me. His Britpop era act The Auteurs being as likely to embrace a ticking bomb than willingly be associated with Blur or Oasis.… Read the rest