Robert Forster New Album Trailer

“Seven years is a long time between records. Seven years is a long time between anything”, says the man himself in this behind the scenes introduction to the new record, and it’s true, but the world turns and here we are, eager as ever to take in new music from this ex-The Go-Betweens icon of Australian music.  

Due for release September 18 on Tapete Records, Songs To Play is Robert’s sixth solo album in a career that has spanned thirty-eight years. The album was produced by Robert with Scott Bramley and Luke McDonald of The John Steel Singers. From the sound of things it will be a unique and endearing collection of songs.… Read the rest

The Go-Betweens – Man O’ Sand To Girl O’ Sea

Who were The Go-Betweens trying to channel when they went into the studio to record this song? “Man O’ Sand to Girl O’ Sea” sounds nothing like The Go-Betweens of Before Hollywood, released only 8 months prior, in fact it sounds nothing like The Go-Betweens at all.

This bashful quintet (previously a trio, this song is the first recording to feature Robert Vickers on bass), normally introspective and restrained, show rare garage rock flight, sounding like a cross between The Strangeloves and The Seeds, dispensing with their acoustic drifts and angular shackles, instead furiously peeling out in a zealous declaration of love.… Read the rest