Introducing The Band — Fear Of Men

The online buzz surrounding the release of current single “Mosaic” was uniform in the way the agreeable (and occasionally obnoxious) tastemaker blogs began to fall in line with praise. This was slightly akin to a group of music nerds being played the track at the same time, with cries of “Oh this is really great, isn’t it?” before running off to their computers. It’s not exactly like Fear Of Men had Jack White shaking in his boots, but it made a change from the same old, same old. A song selling a band, rather than the other way round.

Fear Of Men sound unabashedly in love with 80’s indie guitar bands, and I could rattle off half a dozen names of long forgottens like The Parachute Men and The Popguns, bands that weren’t trying to change the world, just wrap you in waves of guitar and tell you what was on their mind.… Read the rest

Introducing The Band — Deaf Club

Heavy on atmosphere with a melodic depth that harnesses Banshees-like percussion against rippling guitar-work and bears more than a passing resemblance to the rhythmic whirl of Warpaint and the siren song of Esben and the Witch, the band known as Deaf Club (relax: it’s just a name) have become an intriguing proposition in the space of a handful of releases.

On first listen you almost expect them to be card-carrying goths, but as revealed in our q+a (heck, just look at them, a cardigan short of a Sarah Records tea party) this is far from the case. It was their recent appearance on the Too Pure singles club with “Moving Still”/“Lights” that brought the band to our attention and is still a record that we’ve found hard to let go of.… Read the rest