Fear Of Men – Mosaic

With its place secured as one of our favourite singles released in 2012, we’re only pleased to see that London/Brighton dream-pop quartet Fear Of Men have finally got around to making a video for it.

Filmed in a church, the black and white clip for “Mosaic” has an arty French auteur feel about it, with the band pouring liquids into bowls and looking generally miserable while acting out some religious penance.With a track that opens with a psalm quotation being read by a progressively wound up speaker, I guess it kinda makes sense.

If you happen to have read our ‘Introducing’ piece about the band a few weeks back, you will see from their varied lists of influences that what drives Fear Of Men is more than just writing great pop songs.… Read the rest

Introducing The Band — Fear Of Men

The online buzz surrounding the release of current single “Mosaic” was uniform in the way the agreeable (and occasionally obnoxious) tastemaker blogs began to fall in line with praise. This was slightly akin to a group of music nerds being played the track at the same time, with cries of “Oh this is really great, isn’t it?” before running off to their computers. It’s not exactly like Fear Of Men had Jack White shaking in his boots, but it made a change from the same old, same old. A song selling a band, rather than the other way round.

Fear Of Men sound unabashedly in love with 80’s indie guitar bands, and I could rattle off half a dozen names of long forgottens like The Parachute Men and The Popguns, bands that weren’t trying to change the world, just wrap you in waves of guitar and tell you what was on their mind.… Read the rest