The House Of Love Announce 30th Anniversary Tour / Reissue

The House Of Love

Celebrating the 30th anniversary of one of the greatest albums of the 80’s, Cherry Red Records have put together a mammoth reissue of The House Of Love’s self-titled debut.

Spread over five discs, the debut album appears here in remastered form for the first time, taken from the original quarter-inch tapes. Two discs are given over to non-album tracks including numerous demos and early mixes, many of which were never released, while the final two bring together various BBC radio sessions and largely unissued live tracks with the band showcasing the album across Europe.

The package is housed in a stylish hardback book set with fresh sleeve-notes from NME journalist Neil Taylor (with interview quotes from lead singer/guitarist Guy Chadwick and original bassist Chris Groothuizen) and rare images from the band’s photographer Suzie Gibbons.… Read the rest

Luke Haines – British Nuclear Bunkers Trailer

While some of us stare down the postie as we await the arrival of a certain cookbook, the ever fertile mind of Luke Haines never sleeps, never rests. This time Haines takes inspiration much closer to home on his forthcoming album, British Nuclear Bunkers.

Living around the corner from the old abandoned Camden Borough Control Bunker has obviously had some effect on the man, to imagine a dystopian future where everybody lives underground in bunkers, played out entirely on analog synthesisers. I’m imagining Burroughs on a Moog trip here. Could be right, could be wrong.

The tracklist gives further hints on the portent to come, whilst the teaser video… teases.… Read the rest

Sleeper – Smart / The It Girl

Cherry Red

“Another female-fronted band“. With those words sported on a t-shirt for a Sleeper photo-shoot circa 1995, Essex-born Louise Wener contrived to take on lazy musical journalists while adding her own sauce and spice to the Britpop oeuvre. Female-fronted Sleeper were, but such over-simplifications were part of the game in those post-Riot Grrl, pre-Girl Power days. Lines were drawn in the sand with Blur, Pulp, Oasis on one side and Sleeper, Elastica and Echobelly (to name but a few) on the other, with the women having to push extra hard to be taken seriously.

Sleeper were like a red pop rag to a Loaded reader’s bull, which more or less comes down to Wener’s choice of words and subject matter.… Read the rest

The Bangles – All Over The Place / Different Light

The Bangles
All Over The Place
Cherry Red

Sweeping aside the terminally lovesick “Eternal Flame” and the novelty hip-pop of “Walk Like An Egyptian”, two tracks of career-defining chart contrivance, The Bangles were always too cool for school — mine, yours or anybody else‘s for that matter. It all can be summed up in two words — “September Gurls”. How many pop bands do you know of that were covering Big Star in 1986? None. Over in the Midwest, punk-pop progressives The Replacements would later pay tribute to Big Star with the track “Alex Chilton”, but The Bangles beat them to it with their offering.… Read the rest

Slowdive – Just For A Day / Souvlaki / Pygmalion

Just For A Day
Cherry Red

The first period of the band, dominated by their three EPs and debut album Just For A Day, are represented by a floating, feather-light sound, full of symphonic washes of guitar and vocals that exist as barely amplified whispers. Released in 1990, their self-titled EP settled like a blissful transcendent fog, conjuring images of the Cocteau Twins matched with the yawning guitars of My Bloody Valentine. For a brief while this provided the perfect blueprint for Slowdive to roam within, something they achieved to perfection with the following year’s Holding Our Breath EP.… Read the rest