Wild Nothing – Nocturne

Jack Tatum thought he must’ve hit a goldmine when his 2010 debut album as Wild Nothing was so rapturously received with little to no preceding fanfare. This North Virginian native, and his album, Gemini, proved to be a beguiling release, a wistful summer-sounding, 80′s referencing aside to the music of Tatum’s youth. Full of promise, the album was more than the sum of its parts, elevating Tatum beyond his home-studio surroundings onto stages around the world.

Two years and one EP later, Tatum has seemingly chosen the safe path on Nocturne, delivering an album that is undeniably Wild Nothing in sound and scope but one disappointingly bereft of fresh ideas.… Read the rest

Faker – Be The Twilight

Faker - Be The Twilight

There is a litany of bands that make the decision to pack their bags and move to Los Angeles to try and catch a spark of what makes the town such a magnet for the achiever and under-achiever alike. It carries a certain charm and superiority, to tell your friends that “you’re making an album in LA”, in as much that you’ve made the “big time”, the cynical flipside of this can be seen as throwing money against a wall, hoping it will stick. 

As much as the cynic that I try not to be, this was my first thought upon hearing that Sydney-based pop/rock quartet Faker, in the process of planning the next stage of their career, were doing just that.… Read the rest

Spoon – Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga

Spoon - Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga

It’s almost an established fact that once a band hits album number 4 or 5 they’re practically running on empty. Creative juices have all but dried up, different directions are attempted, band friction comes to the fore and as the years go by each new release just isn’t a patch on former glories.

There are of course, the anomalies, the bands who seem to have an inverse relationship to this theory. Spoon, thankfully, happen to be one of those bands. Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga (to be said quickly) is album number 6 from this Austin, Texas (now Portland, Oregon) quintet and all-round faux punx/gentlemen dudes.… Read the rest