Deerhunter Announce New Album ‘Why Hasn’t Everything Already Disappeared?’

Deerhunter 2018

How do you describe an album out of time, concerned with the disappearance of culture, of humanity, of nature, of logic and emotion? Why make this album in an era when attention spans have been reduced to next to nothing, and the tactile grains of making music have been further reduced to algorithms and projected playlist placement. Why wake up in the morning? Why hasn’t everything already disappeared?

Deerhunter’s eighth LP forgets the questions and makes up unrelated answers. It gets up, walks around, it records itself in several strategic geographic points across North America. It comes home, restructures itself and goes back to bed to avoid the bad news.… Read the rest

Deerhunter – Snakeskin

The starting cymbal shimmer reminds me of Ride’s “Like A Daydream”, and then shapeshifts into the percussive funk of “Snakeskin”, the first track to be taken from Deerhunter’s new album Fading Frontier, set for release on 16th October on 4AD.

Stolen from 4AD’s press release, they speaking of Fading Frontier shifting away from the “death-rattle garage catharsis of Monomonia, towards something strikingly balanced, focused on melody and texture. The songs are brighter; if not in content, then in the album’s production. Starkness plays against clutter in what is the band’s most complex yet accessible work to date.”

Complex and accessible?… Read the rest

David Byrne & St. Vincent – Who

Is it totally unreasonable to think of collaboration between St. Vincent and David Byrne to be akin to St.Vincent fronting Talking Heads? How gloriously bizarre and indefinably wicked would that be? Imagine Annie riffing on David’s clunky dance steps or fusing some of her schizoid guitar funk onto “Slippery People”? Well, you more or less get the former in this clip for “Who”, the first single from their new album Love This Giant (out September 10 on 4AD).

Shot by Danish director Martin de Thurah, the black and white video features both Byrne and St. Vincent – aka Annie Clark getting loose and limber on the road.… Read the rest

Deerhunter – Halcyon Digest

Halcyon Digest

It was Spacemen 3 that coined the phrase “taking drugs to make music to take drugs to”, and given that everybody these days seems to be on something, Atlanta, GA’s Deerhunter, appear to have taken that statement to heart, albeit in a more functional, prescribed way. To completely understand the disassociated environment that Deerhunter’s music exists in, it would be interesting to find out what sustains them. A musical pharmacopeia Halcyon Digest isn’t, but the fact that ‘Halcion’ is drug prescribed to treat anxiety and insomnia hasn’t gone entirely unnoticed either.

Microcastle staked its place as one of the great albums of the decade, one that effortlessly summed up what Deerhunter were — a collision of Pavement’s laconic lo-fi flutters and My Bloody Valentine’s expressways to your skull, all fed by Cox’s recurring themes of paranoia and nostalgia. … Read the rest