Smudge Prepare Manilow Tribute Album

Fans of Australian indie rock in the early 90’s will be all too familar when it comes to Smudge and the many other bands (and off-shoots) that appeared on Nic Dalton’s Half A Cow records label. In 2014 the band celebrated the 20th anniversary of Smudge’s debut album Manilow, but for its 21st the band asked friends and musicians alike to contribute songs for a Manilow tribute album. And it’s happening.

Featuring notable contributions from Courtney Barnett, Lou Barlow, Ratcat, Evan Dando, Youth Group and The Hummingbirds’ Simon Holmes and Alannah Russack, there’s also a whole swag of new artists there to pay their respects. The album is being crowdfunded through Indiegogo and will be released in a one-off pressing of 500 copies on vinyl, signed by the band. As we speak they’re 84% of the way to funded, so almost at the finish line. For more information, check out the Indiegogo page here.

Now, all we need to do is get somebody to do one for The Hummingbirds’ Lovebuzz and I’ll be a happy man.