Moon City Boys – Let My Love Dance

If your native tongue is Swedish, Moon City Boys might already be a band you’re familiar with. Formed in Stockholm in 2011, this all-girl quartet have already started to make moves outside of Sweden with an appearance at SXSW this year behind them and have just released “Let My Love Dance” as their second single. Musically, Moon City Boys bring a pick-up-and-play punk ethic with a post-punk sound that trims the fat and lets each instrument have its own voice.

On “Let My Love Dance” the guitars buzz like mosquitoes and the pounding drums anticipate a tribal sacrifice but the moment when the guitar, bass and drums all fall in together gave me the chills. Pause. Rewind. Repeat. Flipside “Washing Machine” takes a trip to the garage, a Cramps-y dirge that shows Moon City Boys can turn up the volume and get their hands dirty too.

Both tracks can be downloaded or picked up on a limited edition 7″ through their bandcamp page.