Luke Haines – British Nuclear Bunkers Trailer

While some of us stare down the postie as we await the arrival of a certain cookbook, the ever fertile mind of Luke Haines never sleeps, never rests. This time Haines takes inspiration much closer to home on his forthcoming album, British Nuclear Bunkers.

Living around the corner from the old abandoned Camden Borough Control Bunker has obviously had some effect on the man, to imagine a dystopian future where everybody lives underground in bunkers, played out entirely on analog synthesisers. I’m imagining Burroughs on a Moog trip here. Could be right, could be wrong.

The tracklist gives further hints on the portent to come, whilst the teaser video… teases.

1. This Is The BBC
2. British Nuclear Bunkers
3. Camden Borough Council
4. Test Card Forever
5. Cold Field Morning Under Bliss
6. Bunker Funker
7. Pussywillow (Kids Song)
8. Mama Check The Radar At The Dada Station
9. New Pagan Sun
10. Deep Level Shelters Under London

Bonus 7″ vinyl with LP

1. Electronic Tone Poem
2. Hack Green

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