Ladytron – Ace Of Hz

There have been few bands in history as stylish and effortlessly cool as Liverpool’s Ladytron. Arriving at the birth of the briefly celebrated electroclash scene in 2000, Ladytron’s mix of new wave and electronica received widespread acclaim with a sound that evolved and updated itself album to album, giving out such defining electro-pop specimens as “Playgirl”, “Evil”, and “Destroy Everything You Touch”.

It’s been two years since the release of their last album, Velocifero, but while they band are putting the finishing touches to their fifth album, they’ve seen fit to bookend their first decade together in the form of a compilation album entitled Best Of: 00-10. To bring things up to date, the band recorded two new tracks for the album: their current single “Ace Of Hz” and a cover of folk industrialist’s Death In June’s “Little Black Angel”. Best Of: 00-10 is due for release on March 28.