Indie Daze 4 – Voice of the Beehive, House of Love & More

  • The House Of Love

Indie Daze 4
O2 Forum, London
7th October 2017

The yearly celebration of the golden age of indie continues to bring dividends with the fourth iteration of the Indie Daze festival, corralling together a solid bill of acts that haven’t seen a stage, or shared one this large, in decades.

There’s no shame in nostalgia, nor is there guilt in remembering how great some of these bands were in their prime. From the pneumatic pop of Glasgow’s Bis through to blissful chime of The House of Love that closed the event, each band had enough weapons in their arsenal to walk on stage, and for their allotted 40 minutes, entirely own it.

Highlights were in abundance. A noticeably pregnant Manda Rin bouncing to the pneumatically persistent “Kandy Pop”, Salad revealing themselves as one of the more quirkier, misunderstood bands of the era that are deserving of a second chance, and  Thousand Yard Stare ‘gazing through the wiry chime of “Seasonstream” before delivering a roaring “0-0 AET”.

It’s a sit down affair with Miles Hunt and Erica Nockalls of The Wonderstuff,  currently touring an album they recorded together entitled ‘We Can Here To Work’. Its lush, somber vibes give everybody a moment to catch their breath, with Miles and Erica reworking a handful of old Wonderstuff tunes to keep the wolves at bay.

Garage rockers Crazyhead storm the stage in a blaze of bright light and black leather, engaging the moshpit with “Baby Turpentine” and “Have Love, Will Travel”. Apollo 440 take things in a different direction, turning the Forum into a mini-rave to the tune of “Don’t Stop The Rock” before Voice of The Beehive have everyone buzzing as they work through the near entirety of their peerless debut album.

Finally, The House Of Love make an overdue return to London with a storming “I Don’t Know Why I Love You” and then picking out the choicest moments from their Creation records debut that gave us the majestic “Christine”. From start to finish, you couldn’t really ask for more, of the bands, and of Indie Daze. See you next year.

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