Drop Out Venus – Elastic Teen Rent

Listen to those strings howl, the dirty blues riffs unburdened come kicking and screaming, leaving such a satisfying boot-print on both sides of a piece of vinyl that an argument begins about which side is better, which side are you on? The video above tells only half the story, the dead-eyed stare and coquettish play just an act to accompany a song (the blue wig was burnt after the video was shot).

South London three-piece Drop Out Venus have been around for a year maybe, counting a name change, releasing a couple of piano-courting, jazz-riffing, Cat Power-channeling cassettes and the odd online track (“Love In Vein“) that run the gamut of styles and emotions (their own take — “three rocked and rolled kids playing junk jazz”). It’s like listening to a band electrified with ideas and possibilities, ready to let loose.

With “Elastic Teen Rent”‘s wanton call of “she said satisfy my cunt/satisfy my cock”, it’s a raised eyebrow time-keeping moment in the midst of a shit-tearing tune. It’s the kind of uninhibited poetry that PJ Harvey and Patti Smith would hesitate or self-edit their way around. Freedom of language is a wonderful thing. The flipside is the earth scorching “I Kill Foxes“, vocalist Iva Moskovich’s re-interpretation of Smog’s “I Break Horses”. It’s intensely unnerving and in the battle of which track leaves the longest lasting impression, I run with the foxes.

Buy the single here — http://dirtybingorecords.bigcartel.com/product/drop-out-venus-7-single