Cold Cave – Islington Academy – 15/03/17


To paraphrase the title of an old Ministry track, for Cold Cave, every day is like Halloween. With his black hoodie pulled tight over his head, Wesley Eisold looks more like a Jedi about to sermonize the ways of the dark side. Any dark side.

The last proper Cold Cave album was 2011’s Cherish The Light Years, an attempt by Eisold at moving away from the bedroom-recorded debut Love Comes Close into a more-realised sound that was beefed up and subsequently toured with a full live band. Since then, he’s concentrated on releasing the odd 7″ single and download while tending to his Heartworm publishing imprint (and becoming a father too).

What does this all mean for Cold Cave in 2017? Sound-wise, it’s still a bleak, black celebration writ large (on screen flash the words “People Are Poison”) and despite not having played in the UK since 2013 or released a studio album in 6 years, time has not slowed their cult following.

Musically, they’re still dishing out electronic dreams of doomed romances and empty, unfulfilled lives, but even The Cure found one day a week to fall in love. The spring in Eisold’s step as he uncharacteristically bounced around the stage to “Love Comes Close”, made me think the future’s not set in stone for Cold Cave.