Sunflower Bean Bloom On Twentytwo In Blue

Sunflower Bean

New York trio Sunflower Bean steamroller over anything that could be considered a sophomore slump on the politicised glam-rock stomp and post-adolescent pop of Twentytwo in Blue, released this week. Speaking to Static’s Chris Berkley, Nick, Julia and Jacob of Sunflower Bean talk about making the album, and stretching out their influences and ideas.  

I was equal parts amazed and horrified to realise that all three of you are still only 22, as evidenced by this album’s title Twentytwo in Blue, so you’ve carbon-dated yourselves on this record.

Julia: Yeah, 22 is a funny age. You’re still young enough to make a lot of mistakes and know that you have a lot to learn, but old enough to be able to start accessing some deeper parts of yourself.… Read the rest

Spoon Talk Hot Thoughts

Spoon - 100 Club, London - photo by Craig Smith

In a whirlwind European promotional tour leading up to the release of their ninth album Hot Thoughts, that had them play an intimate show at the 100 Club in London before setting their sights on Australia for shows in Melbourne and Sydney, Spoon’s Britt Daniel and Alex Fischel found time to sit down with Chris Berkley of Static to talk about all things new and hot.

Does Australia feel like a home away from home right now?

B: It does a bit. This is my seventh time here, and I was in Melbourne for a month in 2015 where I started writing the songs on this new album.… Read the rest

Jenny Lewis – Making The Voyage

Coming to the end of a long tour for her most recent album The Voyager, ex-Rilo Kiley songstress now exclusively solo, “just one of the guys” Jenny Lewis spoke to Chris Berkley of Static about the six-year wait between records, the reasons behind it and the helping hand that got the job done. 

You’ve just finished playing some shows with Ryan Adams. He’s someone you have to thank for getting The Voyager over the line.

Yeah, he is. I was struggling after I had written a handful of songs for this record. It took me a couple of years to actually get into the studio and I reached out to Ryan and asked if would record one song, “She’s Not Me”, and one song ended up being an almost entire record after a couple of days.… Read the rest

TV On The Radio Talk Psychic Shoes And Planting Seeds

A band that has never shied away from putting their heart and soul into their music is Brooklyn’s TV On The Radio. Their most recent album Seeds appeared following a three year absence in which the band dealt with the loss of bandmate Gerard Smith, while releasing one-off singles and pursuing outside projects. With a recent appearance at the esteemed Sydney Opera House tucked under their collective belts, Chris Berkley of Static caught up with Tunde Adebimpe and Kyp Malone and spoke about the path of reflection and renewal that resulted in Seeds.

It’s good to have TV On The Radio back again and touring.Read the rest

Together Alone — Talking Tame Impala

It’s a reassuring sight to see an Australian band successfully take on the world in the way Tame Impala have over the last few years. Their lush, psyche-pop sound feels like it was born between the grooves of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, evolving inward and outward, feeding on a wealth of influences and dreams unrealised.

Tame Impala’s long awaited second album Lonerism, the follow-up to the much lauded Innerspeaker, was released worldwide last week. Lonerism amps up the poppier side to their psyche dreams, more lavish and exploratory and insane. Currently on a worldwide tour, Chris Berkley of Static spoke to Kevin and Dom from Tame Impala about the making of Lonerism and its effect on the chief songwriter.… Read the rest