All Aboard – Juliana Hatfield On The “Lost Ship”

Juliana Hatfield

Surprising all with the glowing reception (except for us Australians who knew it would be soar) for Juliana Hatfield Sings Olivia Newton-John, a full album of Olivia Newton-John covers, the ever restless Hatfield follows that up in 2019 with Weird, a new self-produced album of 11 original songs.

“I often feel cut-off from other people, from my feelings, from technology, from popular culture. I feel weird, I feel like I’m dreaming my life and that I am going to wake up some day,” Hatfield explains. “I wanted to make an album about the contentment of being inside an apartment and living inside a very small radius.” Weird encompasses both the negative and positive sides of radical solitude, the disconnection and the “desire to keep a barrier between me and other people who are trying to get inside of me.”

Weird is released on January 18 through American Laundromat Recordings. A new video for the track “Lost Ship” shot on Deer Island, Massachussetts by Rachel Lichtman has just been released which you can check out below.